Monday, March 29, 2010


The Baby is fast approaching a week of life and she's been doing well. We found out that the Baby is not that yellow and she successfully passed her jaundice tests. She has been pretty calm as of late, settling quite nicely into her habit of sleeping, eating, and pooping. I can tell that fatigue is creeping up on the Wifey. As soon as her head hits the pillow, she is snoring. I've been perfecting my technique of getting the Baby to calm down when she does cry. The rocking chair has been the most effective tool, combine that with the sleepy music of Celine Dion, and the Baby is a goner.

In other news, breastfeeding has been a weird topic. There are actually different techniques in breastfeeding that can be employed to feed the Baby. One particular technique is the "football hold". The woman literally holds the baby like a football, cradling the head in her hand and the body on her forearm, tightly tucked into the body. It really takes away from the manliness of football; using football terminology with breastfeeding. The Wifey hasn't used the "football hold", she isn't really running back material. But if she ever does, I am pretty tempted to force a fumble a la Adrian Peterson. That could be bad. I will make sure she covers the Baby with both hands and keeps her legs moving.

Breastfeeding has been a challenge for the Wifey. She is in obvious pain while the baby feeds. Her cheeks have tear stains because of the pain that she is dealing with. I asked her why she hasn't decided to go with formula. I was a formula baby and I turned out quite well. But breastmilk is chock full of nutrients and other good stuff that help develop a baby better. In fact, some doctors believe that breast milk has so many nutrients it can help battle cancer. I don't know how true that is, it was on an episode of House, so it must be true. But it's the pain that the Wifey is going through that shows her maturity and dedication to give the Baby the best of everything. Hopefully the Baby appreciates this dedication when she gets older; before she rebels and runs away like her mother did as a teenager. But that's a different story...



    La Leche League meetings are a good way to connect w/other breastfeeding moms, and the group leaders can help to see if the baby's latch while feeding is what is causing her pain:

    Alison - 972-698-9988
    Cassie - 972-679-6564
    Elena - 214-348-4753
    Diana - 972-202-7644

    Hang in there!

  2. Thanks Aimee! Basically what happened was the first 24 hours, before I got to see a LC was that she was not latching correct at all so I am all sorts of scabbed up. I met with another LC at our pedi's office and she really helped me out and we now have it down, it is just taking me time to heal. I'm determined not to give up, I figure it is just one of the many sacrifices I am going to make along the way.