Monday, March 1, 2010

Butt Baby

So the friends' baby shower/party went really well. The hostesses did a great job of putting it all together. I was glad to see a lot of my A&M friends come up and hang out too. Especially Mr. Market, who drove all the way from Austin to experience his first baby shower. Unfortunately Matt, not all baby showers will have the "Chug Beer from a Baby Bottle" game. And also a big thanks to Debbi for hosting the family/Ladies' only shower. And of course the Wifey's mom, she is making this transition as fluid as it can be. Her wisdom, advice, and overall excitement is very infectious.

So after the shower, I think every thing has finally sunk in. I have to move the beer in the fridge to make room for the baby bottles. I have to memorize what channels Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network are on. I have to hang that huge mirror thing in my car so I can see the car seat. I have to get used to eating Goldfish and animal crackers and Cheerios.

I've put together all of the baby things, like the pack N play, bouncer, swing, stroller, and the Baby Einstein playapalooza play arena. My entire home office is no more. The man cave has become the baby cave.

The doctor told the Wifey that she expects the baby to be born any day now and highly doubts that she will make it to the estimated due date of 3/20. So we'll see. Every groan and cringe of pain leads me to ask her "Is it time yet?"

So, when the baby is born, check your beepers. I will leave a return number of 911 to let y'all know the baby is here.

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