Sunday, March 14, 2010

And there was the Word...

I started this blog because the Wifey asked for it for her birthday present. I realized it has become a means of therapy for me to address my feelings, albeit, to the general public nonetheless. I really don't have a "BFF"like the Wifey does and my family isn't close in the least, so sometimes emotions get bottled up and shaken like a 2 liter of Dr. Thunder. Eventually everything inside explodes, even though you slowly open the cap to gradually let this hissing pressure out. Unfortunately most of that gets endured by the Wifey. But she hasn't left me yet and now I have baby trapped her.

As I reflect, these 9 months have been excitingly...boring. I am not here to take away from the hoopla of baby making; but in between the doctor visits, the trips to Target, and the baby kicking, there really isn't much to talk about. But I think its only appropriate that I look back at the start and begin to document....

On July 9th, the Wifey thought she was sly and bought a shirt for the dog that said "Big Brother". And that's how she announced it to me. Apparently the Wifey also bought every single pregnancy test ever sold at Wal-Greens as well. If the first one was wrong, surely the next 15 can't be wrong either.

We decided to keep it a secret for the first few months just because a lot could happen. But then we announced it. It didn't take a detective to figure out something was up when the Wifey was refusing alcohol. But one of the oddest questions that you will ever be asked when you're wife is pregnant is ,"So, did y'all plan this or you know?..."

What a weird question to ask. It's like when you announce that you're getting married and someone asks you "So, do you love her?" It's hard to answer the question (the baby question, not the love question). It's not like I was rushing home to put the batter in the oven so a delicious cake can come out. We were a happily married couple who were letting nature takes its course.

We weren't prepared and we still aren't. But luckily we have awesome friends and family who have been down the path before and they are nice enough to lend some advice.

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