Friday, April 27, 2012

Creepster Update and Cry Baby Bitches

Looks like the power of the internet has gotten the Creepster (MeadowsMommy02) banned for stealing pictures.

I had a lot of people tell me how I should have been livid and bashing heads for justice. But frankly, despite the overall twisted nature of the whole ordeal, it's water under the bridge.

I took a risk by blogging about the Baby and the internet is public domain. It is fair game. One person's need for attention guided her to steal pictures. I hate to sound so vain and egotistical but at least someone saw the uber-cuteness of the Baby and decided to use it as her own.

On another note, this story has seemed to be making front pages everywhere: Couple Steals Foul Ball.

Quick summary of the story: Baseball player tosses ball into stands. Couple grab ball in front of three year old. Three year old cries like a little bitch. Gets another ball later. Couple, who stole ball, burn in Hell.

There's the argument if you are over the age of 13, you do not deserve the ball, as seen in this handy chart from Deadspin.

But here's the thing, it is so damn hard to catch a foul ball. Juggling beers and hot dogs and fingers being covered in buttery garlic fries - it is an impossible feat. And let's add in the fact that my depth perception is extremely skewed and every time the ball hits the bat, I swear it's going out of the park. But then again, as a Texas Rangers fan, it probably is out of the park. *High five* *Angels are nine games back*

So when a player is that close to gently toss a floater in your general vicinity - you go for it. No rules apply. The kid was a three year old. There is no possible way he had the hand eye coordination to snag a gently tossed baseball from 15 feet away. Baseball players know this; that's why they hand the kids the ball. I toss balls at the Baby from a foot away and just watch it ricochet off her alien head.

And when you are presented an opportunity to achieve something that most guys fantasize about before a ballgame: getting a foul ball / homerun AND while you are on a date, tunnel vision ensues. Clear the mechanism. You get that ball. You freaking celebrate.

In the 9th grade I intercepted a pass and scored a touchdown. I can still see that football just float in the air as if it had angel wings just whispering my name. And I seized the opportunity. Greatest event of my life. Ever. So who are we as the general public to raise our pitchforks and condemn this couple? Sure they were pretty shitty to take pictures with the ball as the little kid was crying his head off. But the guy earned it. If the dad wanted the ball for his kid, he would've dropped that little cry baby bitch and gotten after it. But he didn't, he could care less because as the above article states, the kid already gotten a foul ball last year. Now the kid is just being greedy.

So kudos to the couple for grabbing the ball and kudos to the parents for ignoring their kid. If you want something, you go get it. Don't be a crybaby bitch.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bluebonnet Update

Now that the Baby is famous and people are assuming her cuteness, I figured I would provide a quick picture update.

Texas is the only state that literally has people lined up on the side of busy state highways for a flower that is only in bloom for three weeks. It's insane but oh so Texas.

We had our friend Steff take these pictures, who also took last year's pictures, so if you like her work, please inquire within. I think we get 50% of every referral, which is a sweet deal. Thanks Steff!

Creepy. Just Plain Creepy.

I thought this stuff only happens in Lifetime movies. I didn't realize that there were people creepy/sick/crazy enough to actually do this. An anonymous poster clued us in the comments section and the Wifey and I were not very pleased:

It's really truly sad. I created this blog for our friends and family to stay up to date with the Baby. I've kept it public for those in our family who don't know how to sign in with Google or don't know what Google is. I guess I will have to watermark every picture I take.

Sick woman.