Friday, April 10, 2015

A Sick Baby

There are very few things that actually make me heartbroken - it just happens that one of those things is seeing your infant child completely helpless to illness. This past Easter weekend, starting around Thursday, the Pillow woke up with a slight fever. We've been very fortunate that both kids have been relatively healthy but when something does go wrong, it's pretty serious.

We figured the high fever was only temporary and we had a checkup with the doctor that day. The doc just said it was probably a virus that was floating around since she had no symptoms other than the fever. Come Friday morning and there wasn't any progress. Her fever was still high (104ish) but this time she wasn't as active. She just wanted to cuddle and sleep. So back to the doctor. And the doctor stood firm that it was a virus but she also hinted it could be bacterial infection. If the fever hadn't gone down by Monday, to come in and get tests done for an infection.

So we waited. Still no progress. Still the same the 104 degree temperature. The Pillow has really enjoyed Bomb Pops (which happens to be the only thing I want when I am sick) but she didn't have any interest for it. It was just cuddles and sleep. And then finally by Easter Sunday, the Wifey couldn't take it anymore so we went to an after-hours pediatrician. Pillow was so dehydrated they couldn't get any urine to test. The doctor told us we should visit the ER. And off we went. Easter Sunday and we were stuck in the isolation suite while people were feasting on my best batch of mashed potatoes I've ever made for Easter dinner.

After blood tests and IV and hours of waiting, Pillow was prescribed some antibiotics. Not much information was given. The IV really brought some liveliness back to Pillow and for a brief twenty minutes she seemed almost normal with her talking and overall curiosity.

Eventually the fever would go down and we found out that Pillow had E.Coli in her system. But for almost a full week Pillow just wasn't herself.

We have a healthier and happy Pillow and her big sister was awesome throughout the whole thing. She knew we couldn't pay as much attention to her and she didn't have any major breakdowns from it. I managed to even sneak a visit to the park. Maybe she made a wish for her sister to get better.