Thursday, July 28, 2011

Some photos

You never really see how fast time flies until you start looking at pictures. It's amazing to see how much the Baby has grown and how much she is starting to look like a little girl. When I say amazing, I really mean, it freaks me the hell out.

We are very fortunate to have met an amazing artist in Carissa Byers. I've shamelessly plugged her name here a few times before and I could go on and on about how awesome she is but really, I think her work speaks for itself...and the fact you can see her photos quite regularly in Modern Luxury Magazine. My only regret is she didn't photoshop some abs on me in one of our photos, but oh well. Some of these photos are taken at "The Magical Fields" which seems to be a Carissa Byers' trademark location and only a select few people know the location.

Someone mentioned this could be a Baby Gap ad.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Blueberry Fields Forever

Last week the family took a trip to Commerce, Texas to participate in some blueberry picking!

We tried to get out there as early as possible to beat the heat (go Mavs!) but because the Baby prefers to sleep in on the weekends, we arrived later than usual. We didn't stay too long but we did pick a lot and considering this was the last weekend for picking, we did fairly decent.

The Baby's current favorite fruit are blueberries as bananas have taken a back seat for the time being. We expected the Baby to just run around the open field but she immediately ran to a blueberry bush and ate one off the bush. Boy, will the crazy germ-fearing, Purell toting moms have a field day with this one! Nonetheless it was pretty funny as the Baby knew that the blueberries were made for eating. She probably won't win a survival badge for the Girl Scouts but at least she knows how to spot a good blueberry.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cutest Baby Ever?

The Wifey and I like to think that our kid is the cutest in the world. It's pretty biased and I am sure every parent feels the same way about their own kid but seriously, this video makes our case.

The Baby has just woken up, watched a little bit of Despicable Me, and when I am ready to get up, this is how I get her out of bed. Ugh, my heart hurts because she's so stinkin' cute.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Girls Gone Wild Flash Mob

Earlier this week at Sundance Square in Fort Worth, Texas there were more boobs out on display than a Girls Gone Wild video. But they didn't belong to crazy college co-eds who love to party but women who love to breastfeed their children. It was a planned event with the hopes of "normalizing" breastfeeding in public.

Weird, I know. I always mentioned how the Wifey is this big tree-hugging hippie and I guess this is her version of bra-burning but there was a solid purpose. Breastfeeding mothers usually get the stink eye for needing to feed their children.

I'm not one to stop and stare, honestly, I get kinda uncomfortable when the Wifey does it, but I know it's needed to be done. A baby needs to eat. If a baby doesn't eat, it screams. Breastfeeding baby is a lot better than a screaming baby.

But anyways, all these women got together from all over the metroplex, roughly 40 of them, and decided to do a flash mob version of a breastfeeding session. Carpet bombing with breast milk. Breast feeding bombs over Baghdad. And nobody was offended. The cops didn't come out with their riot shields and batons to knock the babies off their respective teets and nobody was photographed making out in the middle of the mayhem.

Maybe Fort Worth is forward thinking and understands that a woman needs to feed their offspring. Or maybe they just don't care. Either way, it was a unique experience and hopefully they are able to bring some normalcy to something so natural.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Baby Massage

And let's not forget this gem...

The Baby loves massages, if she finds a bottle of lotion, she will cry for a massage. And if you are lucky, she will pretend to give you a massage as well. That's the Asian in her coming out.

When the cat is away...

The Wifey took the Baby on a spur of the moment trip out of town, so I was left home alone. And I did not do a damn thing to take advantage of it. I actually missed waking up to go grab the Baby from her crib and then putting on a movie for her, only for her to go right back to bed. Or having to go grab a banana or Cheerios so she will stay quiet while I steal a few extra minutes (95 minutes to be exact, the runtime of Despicable Me).

But then again it was nice not having to worry about witnessing a baby run across the couches and leaping off of everything. I did spend a lot of time going through her photos and just thinking about all the funny things she has been doing lately.

I had lunch with the family and go to see my nieces, one whom is 19 months old and it just amazes me the things she is learning and can do and what I can expect with the Baby. In just a few short months her vocabulary is going to triple but I am pretty sure the Baby still won't understand "don't eat that!"

Anyways, the family is back today and I look forward to the Baby lounging around and reading her books, even though she does read them upside down...

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Say Cheese

A cute thing the Baby has been doing lately is make a funny face when we take a picture. We will say "Say Cheese!" and she will squint her eyes and smile. It's absolutely adorable.

We don't know where she learned it but she is such a ham for the camera. And of course she does other cute things like pucker her lips and kiss. I think this could be a very bad idea, especially if she continues to enjoy kissing when she gets older. But right now, I will encourage it.

Fourth of July

We figured the Baby would enjoy fireworks but because of my work schedule we weren't able to go to any of the bigger shows. But luckily there was a show a quarter mile away from my office, so the family grabbed a picnic blanket and set up shop along the side of the road.

The Baby on her picnic blanket.

The Baby and I sporting our July 4th outfit. The grandma found a really cute one for the Baby and I found this patriotic one from Wal-Mart. A hot-rod, an American flag, and an eagle...makes me cry red, white, and blue

The Baby dancing before the show.

Au Revoir Paci

I would like to proudly announce that the Baby has kicked her pacifier addiction.

We looked at different options of patches and different types of gum, but ultimately we decided on letting her quit cold turkey. We expected some sleepless nights and cold shivers but the Baby actually didn't mind. This was back at the end of May and the Baby has been pacifier free for almost six weeks! Granted, the pediatric dentist did advise us to stop using it for the sake of her mouth but now the Baby could care less for a pacifier. Sometimes, she'll somehow find one deep within her toy box and she will run away and hide and suck on it in private but she doesn't fuss when we take it away from her.

Even though she was really adorable with a pacifier in her mouth, we really enjoy her without it. It ended up being a crutch and a temporary solution in shutting up the Baby. Now we shove fruit in her mouth when she starts getting fussy but without the pacifier she is much more of a talker.

I can remember when we would gather our things to go somewhere; such as dinner, or to the mall, or Target, and there would be a mad scramble to make sure we had a pacifier in the diaper bag. And a pacifier in the Baby's mouth. And an extra one in our pockets. And somehow we would end up losing two of them and have to buy more. Then we would discover a whole slew elsewhere. It was an endless cycle. Even our crazy dog would find a pacifier.

The ultimate goal was to be pacifier free by 12 months. We missed that mark by a few months but I really can't remember life before the pacifier. I think we are just happy it was such a smooth transition.

So long, farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, and goodnight Paci