Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Au Revoir Paci

I would like to proudly announce that the Baby has kicked her pacifier addiction.

We looked at different options of patches and different types of gum, but ultimately we decided on letting her quit cold turkey. We expected some sleepless nights and cold shivers but the Baby actually didn't mind. This was back at the end of May and the Baby has been pacifier free for almost six weeks! Granted, the pediatric dentist did advise us to stop using it for the sake of her mouth but now the Baby could care less for a pacifier. Sometimes, she'll somehow find one deep within her toy box and she will run away and hide and suck on it in private but she doesn't fuss when we take it away from her.

Even though she was really adorable with a pacifier in her mouth, we really enjoy her without it. It ended up being a crutch and a temporary solution in shutting up the Baby. Now we shove fruit in her mouth when she starts getting fussy but without the pacifier she is much more of a talker.

I can remember when we would gather our things to go somewhere; such as dinner, or to the mall, or Target, and there would be a mad scramble to make sure we had a pacifier in the diaper bag. And a pacifier in the Baby's mouth. And an extra one in our pockets. And somehow we would end up losing two of them and have to buy more. Then we would discover a whole slew elsewhere. It was an endless cycle. Even our crazy dog would find a pacifier.

The ultimate goal was to be pacifier free by 12 months. We missed that mark by a few months but I really can't remember life before the pacifier. I think we are just happy it was such a smooth transition.

So long, farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, and goodnight Paci

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