Friday, January 31, 2014

Halfway Point

Seems we've hit the halfway point in meeting the newest addition to the family and things are pretty much exactly the same.

Not much has changed in our routine and we haven't even begun preparing the nursery. We don't even know  if we'll even have a nursery. And it's that lack of progress that makes me feel this second kid is just an afterthought. I know once the New Baby comes strolling out of the womb we'll love it unconditionally but I am afraid we'll always show some sort of favoritism or preference to the original Baby. I mean, I couldn't even make the effort to come up with an original name for the New Baby. The Baby has repeatedly said she wanted the New Baby to be named Pillow. So Pillow it is.

The Baby, for the most part, has been a perfect kid. She has her moments; as you can see in the video below (sorry for not turning the camera) in her 30 minute breakdown because she refused to say please when she asked to borrow my phone. It also didn't help that she didn't want to be filmed either. Once we got home she stood in the darkness of her room for another 30 minutes. She's such a sensitive little bia.

But it's that type of sensitivity that the Wifey and I adore about the Baby. She shows an incredible amount of empathy when your mood is off. She'll just simply ask, "are you happy?," and if you respond with why you're not happy she will just say "oh."

 I don't know how the Baby will react with someone else competing for our attention, or even worse her Nana's attention. She's already so standoffish when it comes to other babies and if she's not in the center of attention, we end up having issues.

The Wifey is confident she will be a good big sister. I'm not so sure. Especially if Pillow is just the opposite of the Baby as a newborn. The Baby slept well, ate well, and rarely cried for an extended amount of time. I am kinda worried for the Wifey. Baby is so attached to her already. When Pillow comes out, she will literally have a kid attached to her.

Maybe the Baby will continue to surprise me and the Wifey will be right again and she ends up being the best big sister ever. Or maybe she will just end up standing in the dark in her room until someone come gets her. I guess we'll find out in June.