Friday, January 1, 2016

Duck Duck Goose and 2015

This past year didn't start off the way we wanted. Asian tradition says that if you don't spend any money on the first day of the new year, you will be very prosperous for the upcoming year.

Well we started off the year by fixing our roof, trimming our trees, and getting a new lawnmower.

But, looking back this year has been the best yet so far. We went to DisneyWorld - although it had it's challenges with the Monster, it was a memorable experience. We also finally have a kid free bed. The girls are in their own room, sleeping through the night, although Pillow is waking up at 5AM to play every day. But the girls are in bed by 8pm every night, which is insane considering the Monster would go to bed whenever she wanted.

School for the Monster has also helped her out in so many ways. The bullying is no longer an issue and I always smile when I see her walk to the car with her friends and they hug each other goodbye, We no longer need to convince her to play with her cousins - as soon as they see each other, we won't see them again until we're ready to leave. She even made friends with some random girl at the park. The two of them played duck duck goose but that quickly ended when they realized the chances of being the goose were 100%.

The Monster has been an amazing sister - willingly (sometimes) to help her sister out, teach her new things, good and bad. Even though the jealousy is starting to come up, she does a great job. Pillow will eat anything and the only time she gets upset is when she's hungry. She loves dancing and climbing and falling off the couch.

This upcoming year we plan on taking a real vacation of just me and the Wifey to Mexico. It'll be the longest we're away from our kids but it would be a much needed vacation.

2016 is going to have a lot new experiences for us and I just hope it's just as 2015.