Sunday, March 18, 2012

2nd Birthday

The Baby's second birthday is fast approaching and as always and as cliche as it may sound, time sure does fly.

The Wifey and I went back and forth as to whether or not we would have a birthday party because honestly, the Baby has no friends. It would essentially be pointless to invite all our friends to watch a two year old be shy and play with toys. We debated going to an indoor trampoline park but it would be dumb just to see a bunch of adults jumping around. We even decided to do a family gathering but that would be unfair to our friends who enjoy the Baby as much as we do, or so they tell us.

We finally opted (and last minute) to just go to the Baby's favorite place to eat, Chick Fil A, and have a small get together of family and friends. Not too many kids so the playground is sufficient but enough chicken nugget platters to keep the adults happy. I am sure the Baby won't complain. At least she better not.

The other day the Baby discovered a bottle of bubbles and we decided to go outside and play. She thoroughly enjoyed it.