Monday, December 17, 2012

Santa: Still the Scariest Man Alive

Christmas time is here again and it was another trip to see Northpark Santa. We arrived early, got our number (#68) and I proceeded to lose that number. We were bummed. We had already been at the mall for two hours and now we lost our ticket. Fortunately, the nice people taking photos happened to have an extra number (#92) and we were able to get our photos taken within the hour, rather than come back after 6pm. Hopefully karma makes a visit to the person who found our ticket and used it rather than turn it in.

As the tradition continues, here is the Baby and her visit:

We also took time to play in the courtyard and the Baby posed as creepy Scrooge.

The Baby and I also took a visit to celebrate her niece's third birthday. As usual, the Baby was her shy self but she warmed up once all the kids were there. They pretty much chased the one boy around the house.

 We'll see how Christmas turns out this year. Hopefully the Baby can enjoy the fun in gift giving and ripping open presents.