Monday, June 20, 2011

California Love

We just recently went on our first real vacation with Baby, and met up with my family in sunny Los Angeles. The Wifey was a little worried about the Baby because the last time they flew, the Baby had a total meltdown (and was yelled at by an old man to control her offspring). Our plane took off at 7AM, which can be right around when the Baby wakes and could have been very interesting. But because her parents like to procrastinate and not pack, she barely slept the night before. So we were lucky enough to have a sleeping baby on the flight with Virgin Airlines.

We arrived to LAX and were picked up by the lovely Rachel and her hubby Chris, who had a nice little place near the beach. The Baby loves sand, she enjoys letting it slip through her fingers and covering her little feet, and she even loves putting it in her mouth. We also shared some mango from a strange man selling it on the beach.

She does not love the Pacific waves, especially when her mom let the waves crash into her. Here is a picture of Baby pre rapture.

One of the biggest issues we have had with the Baby traveling is that she is not great sleeper when she is not at home. Turns out she slept pretty well for this trip. I think the massive king bed really allowed her to keep her space, since she does not like to be touched whatsoever unless she initiates it. She also very much likes to sleep in. The Wifey and I are not sure where she gets that from-both her and I are definitely early birds. The video below is us trying to wake her at 11:00 Cali time.

It was also good that we brought along my BlackBerry PlayBook - I had a couple of movies on it, one being Toy Story 3, and Tangled. Luckily she really got into Tangled and that made me and the Wifey very happy, for multiple reasons. Now we have another movie to memorize every line to and the Wifey and my’s inside jokes can extend past Toy Story 3 quotes. Also, she just recently discovered Despicable Me. We can now rotate movies and not be annoyed by the same movie, over and over again.

While we were in California, we also managed to make it out to Disneyland and the Baby was literally the perfect baby. She didn't cry, she only had one minor melt down but that was only because she wanted to run around. But she lasted 9 hours at Disney, got to see her Toy Story friends, and rode on some fun rides. She really enjoyed "It's a Small World" and was yelling and laughing and dancing the whole time.

Hotel life was pretty calm- Baby spent her time running back and forth in the hotel room and talking on the phone or just talking in general. She has started to imitate her grandmother and will lean her head to the side and laugh while on the phone. Something we think that Nana does all day with her.

It was fun traveling with my family. While they live in the same part of Texas as us, they are still a 40ish minute drive so we don’t get to see them as much as Wifey’s family. Her cousin Naomi is only three months older than she is.  We tried on several occasions to get them to sit together for one picture, but this was the best we could come up with. Toddlers are creatures who do not sit for long.

The Wifey and I also celebrated our fourth marriage anniversary and eighth dating anniversary. This year we celebrated at In-N-Out for dinner after a long day at Disney. It was not quite the quality of Pappa’s Steakhouse that we had last year but felt like a steal after seeing $18 “value” meals all day at the park.

I couldn’t have asked for a better trip with the family but just like with the end of every other vacation, we are looking forward to the next one.

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