Thursday, June 16, 2011

It's all happening...

The Baby is becoming a brat. A total brat. And she gets away with it because she is so flippin' cute. Today, she climbed onto the couch, started jumping on it, and then launches herself onto the ground. She faceplants, looks at me, and then fake cries. Five seconds later, she is back on the couch and doing the same thing. SHE IS ONLY 14 MONTHS! I thought it was little boys who were a terror, breaking stuff, and jumping off things.

Anyways, we went to California and the Baby did exceptionally well. I will post more about it soon, I just needed to vent her craziness. In the meantime, here is some cuteness to take away from the terror:

And there here is a video of the Baby dancing. Mind the messiness of the house, but the Baby figured out her drum toy plays music and now likes to dance.

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