Friday, May 20, 2011

Mother's Day Mouth Massacre

Do you like the over the top usage of alliteration? It was the Wifey's idea for a title, so I figured I would give her the necessary props.

As the family was getting ready for Mother's Day last week, we were all doing our thing in the bedroom: the Wifey was doing her hair, I was scrambling to put up a Mother's Day blog post, and the Baby was being hyper and running around the room. The Baby does a great job of keeping herself entertained and she usually prefers it that way; she is either in the mood to socialize or she'd rather do her own thing. Well that day she was extra crazy and somehow managed to trip on the carpet and decided to face plant her top teeth onto our metal bed frame

Blood ensued. Crying commenced.

After everything settled down and the bleeding stopped, we didn't see any noticeable damage and the Baby was acting like her normal self. Except the fact that she wasn't really eating. She has always used her top teeth to her advantage, tearing and gnawing everything we give her, but now she was obviously favoring her front teeth.

We ended up going to the doctor and the doctor just shrugged her off. She said she didn't see any traumatic damage and because the mouth is so vascular, there will be bleeding.

After a few days, the Baby still wasn't eating like normal and she was in obvious discomfort, so we went back to the doctor. He agreed with the original doctor visit and just said she's going to be sore.

So we monitored the Baby and she was getting better, she was eating more and not favoring her teeth and definitely not as fussy. Well yesterday at the Grandmother's house, she decided she wanted to fall again.

Once again, blood ensued. Crying commenced.

The Baby just fell without any prompting, so hopefully she doesn't have something messing up her equilibrium or we might need to go back to the doctor.

And now the Baby has jacked up her teeth. Like really messed up top teeth. You know in cartoons when a piano falls on a villains head and their teeth are hanging out their mouth like busted piano keys? The Baby = busted piano teeth.

The Wifey took her to a pediatric dentist and after a couple of x-rays, the Baby may have a hairline fracture in her mouth and jacked up teeth.

Since baby teeth aren't permanent, there isn't much that can be done, except limit solids and feed her jarred baby food. The Baby hates jarred food. Maybe it's a taste thing or maybe it's a texture thing but she hates it. She has gotten so used to eating table food, chewing up chicken, eating beans, that when we gave her a spoonful of mush, she literally got infuriated.

Luckily we only need to try and feed her baby food for only a few days and then slowly work in solids but the Baby isn't happy when she isn't eating.


  1. Oh, poor baby! I hope everything feels better very soon. I hate jarred baby food too.

  2. Poor baby girl!!! Parker has a chipped front tooth from a similar incident when he was one year old. He is about to turn two and has a pretty goofy, chipped-tooth smile. Oh well!