Sunday, May 1, 2011

Raising a Tomboy

I would have no problem raising a tomboy. I sometimes find myself daydreaming the Baby as the next Mia Hamm, blasting the ball into the upper 90, giving props to her amazing father who coached her from birth. I wouldn't mind not having to worry if the Baby's skirt is too short or if she's wearing too much makeup or if she needs the latest designer handbag. Even the Wifey herself isn't into all of that stuff and on occasion will make herself as pretty as a penny, but usually just to compete with her friends.

That's why it's weird to see the Baby attempting to try on different outfits and putting on clothes. Or if anything has a strap, she will slide her arm through it and sling it over her shoulder. She even has a little handbag that her grandmother gave her that she likes to tote around.

I know she is really young but she has already shown a lot of dainty qualities. She will walk around the house with a basket or a bag over her shoulder and collect things as she loads up her bag. It's super cute now but I fear it might be an issue when she's in high school. But I guess it won't be too bad, unless she gets fashion advice from her mom.

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