Wednesday, April 27, 2011


There's a site called ManBabies and then there is Awkward Family Photos. My new friend and archnemesis Ally decided to take it upon herself create her own work of art using the skills of Photoshop.

She had never discovered the manbabies site until just a few days ago, despite the fact that website has been in existence since as long as I can remember. So I challenged her title of "Master of the Internet" (it's a legitimate title, it's on her business card) and called her out on the fact that she had somehow managed to live under a rock with her eyes crossed and fingers in her ears in Washington D.C. for all this time.

"So, let this be said: the gauntlet has been thrown down, but the faculty have answered, and answered with vigor." And Ally comes up with this masterpiece:

I think we may blow it up as our family portrait or at least next year's Christmas card. It's creepily adorable.

Thanks Ally!

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  1. You should definitely make this the family X-Mas card! Love it!