Saturday, April 16, 2011

Dear Baby

Dear Baby:

So it's been a little over year and I figured I would take the time to write you. I would have done this on your 1st birthday but you didn't get fun until you were a few weeks old. I think that's when we got to understand what kind of person you would become.

I still remember when  you got shot out of the cannon, you didn't really cry; after the initial shock, you seemed to be extremely interested in the world and your surroundings. You were such a tiny baby and you still are and I always get a whiff of nostalgia when I have to pick up all your baby dolls you have around the house. So tiny I could fit you on my forearm, I could put your misshapen head in my palm.

I still remember when we drove you home from the hospital and neither your mom or myself knew how to loosen the straps to your car seat to fit you in. Which reminds me, if you think you know how to do something because it looks easy, chances are it's not.

This past year you ended up being the role model baby. A lot of the times I was scared to write about your accomplishments because I didn't want to come off as bragging. You learned fast. You reacted fast. You're growing up too fast.

The first time you got sick, it worried every bone in my body. It wasn't because you were sick and miserable but it was because you weren't yourself. You weren't the happy baby that woke up every morning and would eat everything we put in front of her. You just slept. You were boring. I just can't believe that the first time you became ill and it was pneumonia.

I was lucky to have a job that I got to spend every day with you. Now that I have another job, it makes me appreciate our time even further. I can't wait to come home and see you waddle across the living room, raising your arms to be picked up. I know it'll only be for a few good seconds until you get distracted but I enjoy it. The nights when I come home and you're already in bed, I like to sneak in and make sure you're still breathing. There are even the nights that I want you to wake up so we can go to the guest room and sleep on the bed.

I hate being so biased but you make it so easy. You are the best baby ever.

Of course, now it's time for the terrible twos.