Thursday, April 14, 2011

Backseat Driver

The Wifey and I have begun searching for a new car seat. The Baby is finally getting too big for her current setup so we've been looking over different models. And one of the comments we receive is "oh, the baby can finally see what's going on now!" Not so fast. It seems to me that a lot of parents are rushing to get their child into a front facing car seat as soon as they reach one year or even the minimum recommended weight. The Wifey and I, as parents, like to follow the American Academy of Pediatrics and their recommendation on when a child should be front facing. According to the AAP, it's two years old and the maximum height and weight before a child can facing forward.

Now for me growing up, I remember sitting on the center console of our Nissan Datsun, holding on to both seats while my mom held onto my leg. I would hope that my mother's steel death grip would save me from flying out the windshield in the event of an accident. I can also remember everyone piling into that little car and not one person wore a seat belt. Oh how times have changed.

These car seats now have fancy cup holders and air cushioned head rests that deflate and inflate during an accident. The Wifey's car doesn't even have power windows. These new fancy car seats are pretty much a throne of safety as parents chauffeur their children over town. We're keeping our eye out on some good deals but for now the Baby is going to enjoy the view of the seat.

In other news, the Baby was introduced to bubbles for the first time. And I think we all know what happens when you introduce bubbles to a baby with a dog nearby...super cuteness!

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