Friday, April 1, 2011

PacieJ Witter

I am confident if you are a loyal reader to this blog, one thing comes to mind: the Baby is perfect and everything we try never fails. As much as I would love all that to be the truth, it really is far from it.

The Baby is really laid back, she does love to sleep through the night, and she can eat anything. But there have been the nights where we (eh, more the Wifey) will spend all night rocking the Baby back and forth until she almost calms down.

And one of the biggest things we have tried to implement but ultimately failed was the elimination of the pacifier, or the "paci". The paci has become the Baby's best friend, her relaxation tool, her security, and her most beloved treasure. It's almost as if as her pacifier was her cigarette and the Baby has just had the most stressful day. As soon as the pacifier is in her mouth, all is right the world.

Every time we go to the store we have to buy at least one extra pacifier just in case we lose one or the dog gets it. And a few days later we'll notice we have twelve different ones scattered throughout the house. And then a couple days later we can't find any. It's even gotten to the point where we start to freak out if we can't find the pacifier. We could forget diapers, snacks, and the stroller and everything would be fine. But if we don't have a pacifier, we make a beeline to Target. We've tried her to stop using it cold turkey. That did not work. But lately we've been trying to limit the usage and so far it has been successful. But ideally we would like the Baby to not even use it all, but baby steps I guess.


  1. JACKSON!!! Hi friend! Seriously I'm so glad you found my blog because now I can follow yours and learn from your mistakes :) as I embark on parenthood. Keep the posts coming and I'll try to do the same!

  2. Christy-where is your blog!? I wanna read!! :)

    And Jackson, I am not happy about us using the paci with Piper...and I really want to eliminate it before she starts talking, but I don't know how and I am dreading it a little bit. She doesn't seem to be totally dependent on it-there is usually at least one other way to get her to calm down in any given situation (except maybe the car) but its so much easier to pop in the paci. I think I might be addicted to it.I need a paci intervention.