Sunday, April 3, 2011

Life As We Know It

Last night the Wifey and I decided to Redbox it just because it's impossible to find a baby sitter on Saturday night and it is much friendlier on the wallet and frankly we are pretty sick and tired of watching Toy Story 3. Initially we were going to watch Love & Other Drugs but due to technical difficulties we decided to on Life As We Know It.

I thought it was a good movie; entertaining and funny. It was funny to watch because I was able to see the impracticality of Hollywood movies about raising a child, most notably in a child's development. But it was really fun to watch because I could finally relate, especially in regards to the development of a one year old.

But despite being a typical Katherine Heigl movie, it did raise a lot of questions about my life and my family's. The premise of the movie is simple, the godparents (Heigl and Fergie's (not the creepy princess) husband) have to raise their best friend's child. The child's parents unexpectedly died in a car accident and leaves their child to two people who were far from ready for parenthood.

I would like to consider the Wifey and I as young, hip parents. The Wifey is pretty fluent in "internetz" speak or whatever it's called and I watch MTV every so often and I follow people on Twitter. And I think that might work against us. We obviously have never sat down and talked about our mortality or the "in the unlikely event" scenarios. The only time we have even come close to talking about it is when the Wifey jokes about my life insurance plan I have through work.

What would happen to the Baby in the unlikely event something were to happen to both the Wifey and I, who are our options? I think the most obvious choice would be the grandmother raising the Baby. She is financially stable, the Baby loves her, and she is pretty cool for a golden oldie. I don't think there would be any objection of her being the Baby's guardian.

What about my sister? She would be a good choice as well. She is somewhat young, she thinks she is cool and hip but her kids are finally grown up and she is finally happy. And she has her career going for her.

Same thing with my brother and the Baby would be able to have her cousin as a friend since they are only three months apart. But the Baby would be almost like a step child. And has anyone seen the The Good Son with Elijah Wood and Macaulay Culkin? The Baby's cousin could do some crazy stuff and everybody would blame the Baby and it'll somehow end with the Baby pushing her cousin off a cliff. Not a happy ending.

The Wifey's brother adores the Baby but he's in college, doing the college thing. I know if he had to, he would find a way to raise the Baby and he would be pretty good at it. Very clueless but he would figure it out.

Our friends are a different story. Well, at least mine anyways. The Wifey's best friend would be the best choice after family. The Baby loves her, she's smart, and she doesn't mind asking for help.

As for my friends, no comment.

I hate that this a morbid post but I guess it has to be addressed some how. Luckily, I don't plan on dying anytime soon.


  1. Morbid? Maybe. But necessary.

    I think a lot of people don't think about this stuff and then something tragic happens and the child is the one that ends up losing out being placed with whomever CPS feels is best...which may not be best...It doesn't hurt to have everything written down somewhere. Or to just verbally tell everyone your plans. That way, there's no confusion in the unlikely event that something happens.

    Very adult of you!

  2. Gordon and I need to do this as well. But don't you feel like you have to pick a few different people-depending on how old you are when you get axed from life? I told Gordon the other day that I hope we live long enough to see Piper grow up, have her own family, and become a stable grown up before we both die simultaneously in our sleep. (because that's the only way this stuff happens, right??)

  3. I can't believe you called mary a golden oldie. omg. lol. we talk about this stuff a lot, too. i made my mom swear up and down that she would spend her last dime fighting my inlaws for custody.. LOL.

  4. oh, and I liked love & other drugs.

  5. I would rather die an awesome death, like in a high speed police chase after an Ocean's Eleven-esque heist.

  6. It is important to think about! I think it took us til our second child to finally make a will. But I think the sooner the better!

  7. Funny, we watched this movie yesterday from a local Redbox (our first time) and only because the other two we wanted weren't available. We liked the movie, but I think were ultimately sad for the little girl and the angst and turmoil around her. She cried a lot, and when I mentioned this to my husband, he reminded me that a little one in this situation just might cry a lot. :( Too sad.

    We really, really need to make a will. It seems so daunting to try to pick someone who will mirror the ideals of your own life and what you want for your children. I can pick one family, but then feel stuck trying to pick a second family, which really needs to happen in case the first isn't available either. So tough. But whether we do this online or find a lawyer, this needs to happen and SOON.