Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Kid's Room

This past Mother's Day we took the Wifey's mom out to Cibus at NorthPark Center in Dallas. The Wifey and I have been before for dinner and it was nice. We sat outside and had dinner in the courtyard so we figured it would be a good place to try for a Mother's Day brunch.

We arrived about ten minutes ahead of our reservation and were met by a really bitchy hostess. It was a madhouse so we figured she was just a little overwhelmed but we didn't even get a "have a nice day" acknowledgment on our way out. But anyways, as we were waiting we noticed that the room was filling up with families. Little kids dressed in their Sunday best seemed to be taking over the waiting room.

Cibus is set up so that there is a "private" dining room and the rest of the dining area is on the other side of the restaurant. We were sat in the private dining room and we thought it was special because we actually made reservations. Then we realized they had segregated all the families with children into this one dining area. Cibus will say it was by chance but there was no denying it. Forks banging on plates, kids screaming, little boys launching silverware across the room. And then we see a nice older couple and their son getting sat in the makeshift kids room. But they were not amused by the amount of kids in this room and it didn't help that Cibus had run out of drinking glasses so they served them in Styrofoam cups with a lid just like the other kids in the room.

But besides that, brunch at Cibus wasn't too bad. Just make sure you don't get stuck in the kids room.

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