Saturday, May 14, 2011

Skull and Bones

I have always envied motorcycle riders as they cruise down the open road. It's like they have their own secret fraternity like the Skull and Bones as they pass each other on the asphalt. A simple head nod or a slight flick of the hand to acknowledge any other rider they pass on the road. Each bike rider gets their own sign of respect just because they'd rather ride on two wheels instead of four. It's cool to witness as they slightly rev their engines with their American flag bandannas flowing in the wind.

I tried to do that with my Nissan Altima. Spotting another driver who shared the same whip as myself, I respectfully gave them a head nod and a salute but in return I received a look of confusion or an un-neighborly one finger salute. I guess drivers of mid-sized sedans don't find it necessary to have their own fraternal order.

Is it too much to ask to want to belong in something?

But then I realized when I was with the Baby, either pushing her in her stroller, or carrying her in my arms, I noticed other people noticing me. Granted, I am a handsome chap, but I was being watched by other guys at the mall. Then it hit me. Guys with their kids get the same treatment as biker gangs. It's a tough job to keep your toddler in order; we sacrifice our days of watching sports and Steven Seagal movies to watch the kids so our wives can shop. It's not glamorous and definitely not as exciting as a Harley but I don't mind being apart of the fatherhood fraternity. Maybe a cool name like Skull and Diapers will suffice.

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