Thursday, March 25, 2010

36 Hours Later...

The mom and the baby are doing quite well. The Wifey said she probably could have gone to work but she is all talk. One time the dog peed on a stuffed animal I gave her and she cried.

But Jackson, you are probably the most tired and in pain, how are you holding up? Well, I am strong like bull. I thought the sleep adjustment would be a breeze but newborn sleep schedules are not consistent. It's a bunch of 15-45 minute power naps. Sometimes I wake up and I don't know if she is just beginning to cry or is a new cry, or even a continuation of an older cry. I get worried that I am sleeping too much but the Wifey assures me right now there isn't anything I can do. Once the baby can start bottle feeding then I will be more than happy to take over and let the new mom finally get some shut eye.

So the intent of this blog is to really give a glimpse (sometimes humorous) into the world of babies from a different perspective. If you are looking for more educational/informational blogs about babies there are far better sites out there.
(I will gladly recommend Kelly's blog: She pretty much offers the Cliff's Notes of being parents. I usually steal her information and pass it off as my own, so the Wifey thinks I am a parenting genius.)

This pregnancy has been relatively easy but it didn't come without any fears. During the actual labor, the nurses couldn't find the heartbeat of the baby. It wouldn't have been so bad but you could easily hear the apprehension in one of the nurse's voice. She was frantic but tried her best to stay calm. The doctor then tried to attach some sort of sensor to the baby's head (while the baby was still in the birth canal) to get the heartbeat but it didn't work. The Wifey would gasp in between her contractions if the baby was okay. All I could do was hold her hand tighter and make sure she kept on focusing on getting the baby out. Obviously, they ended up finding the heartbeat. The baby didn't cry when she came out and newborns need to cry to get out all the gunk in their lungs. So the nurse was poking and prodding to get the baby to cry while she was suctioning her lungs. Meanwhile, the baby's internal temperature was too low so they had to get the baby's temperature up. But we knew that everything was okay.

Besides the current yet common case of jaundice, we just have the worries of making sure we are decent enough parents. Right now my biggest fear is SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). We keep the baby in our room, as opposed to the nursery, so our first night the Wifey and I kept on making sure the baby was still breathing. All we can hope for right now is that the baby continues to eat, sleep, and poop. What a life.

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