Friday, March 19, 2010

Lifestyle of the Rich and the...

It's a little pretentious and snobby to say, but the Wifey and I have our own photographer. She was the little tower of power snapping photos at our wedding; most probably didn't even see her. She is half Asian, which means she is part ninja. But we were able to acquire her services for Christmas photos (which were never sent out), family portraits, and most recently, the maternity photos. We're currently waiting on the proofs to get here in order for us to actually begin posting the pictures. Check out our awesome photographer,

The countdown has truly begun as the Wifey has an estimated due date of 3/20. Since we aren't inducing, we are really just watching the clock. The doctor gave her a "this baby should be out in 24 hours" speech again but we took that with a grain of salt. I really can't do much but play video games and watch tv. Every time she makes a groan or cringes in pain, I think it's finally time. But she's just crying wolf.

During the day I find myself constantly gravitating towards the baby room, just checking on things. I make sure the windows are locked, the room a nice temperature, and the crib still stable. But one of the greatest things is just watching the Wifey literally evolve into a mother. It feels like it was only yesterday she was chugging Boone's Farms wine coolers and throwing back jello shots like a champ. She is more tender yet more firm and she seems to know everything about the baby. She's kinda like all three guys from "Three Men and a Baby" all rolled into one. Tom Selleck was the smart one, Ted Danson was the attractice one, and Steve Guttenberg was the artistic, funny one. So if there was a way to combine all three of those delicious 80's men, she would be it.

But for now, it's the waiting game. This baby better be punctual.

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