Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What to expect when you're expecting...

I had this really funny, thoughtful opinion based on what I read from the parent preparation books such as "What to Expect...", "The Expectant Father", and "Are You Sure It's a Plus Sign?: Oh Shit, Volumes I, II, and III" but to be honest, I never read the books. I know I should have but in between work, school, and the XBOX, I didn't squeeze enough time in. I figured I could cram it all in the first few days after the baby is born. I helped take care of my little brother, nephew, and niece. Changing diapers doesn't phase me. Wipe, powder, and diaper. Simple enough. There are a few techniques, such as the "grab both baby ankles with one hand and wipe with the other method" or the "if the baby doesn't stop crying, give it back to mom" move. I'm not worried.

After we found out that the Wifey was preggers, we had to choose a doctor. The first baby doctor we picked was considered one of Dallas' Best Doctors according to D Magazine. D Magazine also writes their opinion on the best BBQ and fried chicken in Dallas and since I do not disagree with their lists, I decided it was a reputable source. But unfortunately the doctor was too popular and was not accepting any new clients. So off to the famed Baylor of Garland. I was actually born at this location, back when it was Memorial Hospital of Garland, so I was happy to be back at my old stomping grounds. We liked the doctor. She wasn't very talkative, but nice and she didn't have a lot of opinions. But about three months in, she decided that she wanted to get married, quit her very lucrative medical practice, and become a housewife. So we decided to try and go back to the original doctor and luckily she was accepting. So it turned out the way we had originally intended.

The new doctor is good. She is extremely intelligent (one would hope)and doesn't mind giving her opinion. She is also not a robot, void of any human emotion. I am pretty sure a lot of first time parents have plenty of stupid questions and worries, so it was nice that she wasn't condescending.

Right now we're four days away from the estimated D-Day (delivery day) and the Wifey has been getting more emotional, crankier, and crampier. So I expect this baby to bust out sometime soon. Let's hope these Cliff's Notes to the baby books are good.

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