Monday, February 15, 2010

I'm on a horse

Looks like things are picking up in the Phan household in regards to the arrival of the baby. A little over 4 weeks away from the anticipated introduction to the newest family member. Wifey has been complaining a lot more about her pain but I just tell her to walk it off, rub some dirt in it. We were planning to do some damage to the baby's room this weekend but the recent, copious amount of snow put us on a detour. I am also trying to do some homemade electrical work; like re-wiring the baby's room but it's a little more complicated and dangerous than likes to actually describe. So we have a missing ceiling fan and a nice sign that simply says "do not turn on, hot wire."

Anyways, in the world of pregnancy there are some really weird things that are experienced, such as the much publicized and over-hyped phenomena of "cravings". There's also the craze of this thing called "nesting". Unfortunately, the Wifey feels she's too good for such pregnant fads and I have taken on those pregnant duties. Now, for those who do know me, I won't lie; I know my way around a kitchen. In fact, if there was a game show similar to Supermarket Sweep set in the kitchen, I am pretty sure I would dominate the show a la Ken Jennings and Jeopardy. But it's also common sense that you always go for the hams and turkeys and diapers during the Big Sweep. But anyways, I seem to have the most cravings, but not for anything weird, just craving for things. I was hoping the Wifey would get some awesome cravings so I could try out some Iron Chef quality concoctions but she is as plain as vanilla. Her only big thing is chocolate milk. Boooring.

So there's this other thing that goes on that I didn't realize happened until I went to the baby class called 'nesting'. Basically its when the woman gets all crazy and cleans and prepares the house for the baby like a bird's nest. That has not happened. In fact, I seem to be the one who's cleaning the house and building things and getting ready for the baby. I even have to make sure we stay on track to get things purchased, otherwise the Wifey will stay in bed and nap all day and sip on her precious chocolate milk. I've been moving beds, rearranging rooms, exposing electrical wires, cleaning out rooms, making rooms messy again, and hanging up shower curtains. And I must say, the cheap shower curtain rings, the ones that you snap into place are not that fun. My hands cramped from just threading the curtain through.

But I don't mind. It can be annoying when I spend an hour putting together a baby stroller that has only three parts. And then spend another hour trying to figure out how to remove the car seat from the stroller. It's crazy knowing that there is an alien forming in the Wifey's stomach. I still freak out seeing body parts protrude from her body but it's also calming and reassuring just resting my head to hear the heartbeat or the baby farting. It's pretty crazy knowing that in a span of 8 months so much has changed but everything is going to change ten-fold when the Stork finally drops the baby off. I know the Wifey is annoyed every time I ask her "is it time?"

And that leads me to another thing. I think with every big event of your life, there's always that one question. For example, when you finally start dating someone seriously, the big question that gets asked is, "so when is the big day?" And then when you finally get married the next question is, "so when will there be little ones running around?" And it seems the biggest question that gets asked when you're expecting a baby is, "are you ready?" Or in my case, "are you ready to be a dad?"

I don't think anybody can say they are ready until the baby finally comes. Look at that Jon Gosselin guy. He has eight kids and I don't think he's nowhere close to being a role model dad. But I am sure he immensely loves each and one of his children. And I am pretty sure if he had to choose between his kids and all his Ed Hardy shirts, he'd pick the kids. At least I hope he would. Luckily I am married to the best wife ever and my future shortcomings as a dad are far overshadowed by how great of a mom she will be.

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  1. Cassidy is going to do awesome and you guys will be great! The only good advice I got before having Ethan was "You don't know what you're doing, but that's ok." I'm convinced that none of us knows how to be "good parents," we're all just winging it and loving our babies each day. I'm really excited for you.