Monday, February 8, 2010

Who shall say I am not the happy genius of my household?

So the Wifey and I had our first baby scare. Well, not the wifey, but for me. I was sitting in 9 hour long Saturday class when she messages me on my phone asking when I get out of class. I tell her in a couple of hours and immediately ask her "what's up?". Now usually she will ask this question to make sure her boyfriend has enough time to leave the house instead of sneaking out through the window but this time she was telling me she had been having moderately strong contractions for the past few hours.

Now, instinctively, I should have gathered my belongings and ran out of class, but the wifey was adamant I stay in class, that "I had nothing to worry about." And we agreed that she go ahead and go to the emergency room and I will meet her there.

My wife is the most cool, calm, and collected person I know. If she had nothing to worry about, then I didn't have anything to worry about either. She consumes herself everyday with information for this pregnancy; there is no point in me being a worry wart and stressing her out if she is so confident that nothing is wrong.

I made it to Baylor and the Old Ball & Chain was lying in bed watching the TLC show about 4 yr old beauty pageant girls. I ask her again if everything is alright and she reassures me everything is fine. So I curl up in the chair and wait for the doctor to discharge her.

I can't really describe the feelings that flowed through my veins; I paced around the room waiting for the doctor as if birth was imminent, I took a nap on a bed of nails, coming to full attention at the slightest sounds. I really don't know how I am going to act or feel when the baby finally gets squeezed out. All I know is if the Wifey breaks down, then the ship is going to sink for me. So no pressure on her to stay calm so I don't freak out.

So, everything is fine. The bread is staying in the oven for now.

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