Monday, February 1, 2010

Just a Minor Thing

Wifey and I graduated from baby class last Thursday. We missed one class but still were given the green light to have the first child. The anesthesiologist (thank you Firefox spell check) came in and did his sales pitch on the awesomeness of epidurals. Wifey is all into pain and S&M, so she is opting for a drug free birth. I don't know if she will make it, she got a hang nail last week and has been crying about it every night. And she keeps telling me about how she put Neosporin on it but it still hurts. Man, is she in for a surprise when this baby comes out! Anyways, Dr. McDreamy tells us about his syringe of power and how on his shift, anything going wrong is in the 1/10000 ratio. But he does tell us the side effects such as tingling, the epidural wearing off too soon, or "numbness in the foot...for a few months; just a minor thing." He nonchalantly mentions that your foot would be numb for a brief time of a only a measly few months and then moves onto his next topic. Now, I don't know about the rest of the world but I think if I were to be given a routine numbing agent and my foot went numb, I would be freaked out. I get worried when I play the Stranger and the Stranger stays around too long. But I guess its all about perspective and I can't blame him for that. Just always remember the old quip: don't cry over spilled milk and/or months long numbness in your foot.


  1. The idea of the epidural always scared the crap out of me, plus it can make the baby drowsy (s/he gets the drugs, too) and that can cause problems with breastfeeding. Don't jeopardize the free food! Drug-free is totally manageable and not as scary as they make you think