Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Road Rules Apply

I think it is common sense that the natural rules of the road should apply even if you're not driving. For example, when I am walking down the grocery aisle, I tend to stick to the right close enough to the shelves to allow for an adequate "passing" lane. This will give me enough time to compare the different types of Miracle Whip and seeing if one specific type would satisfy my desire in making a sandwich. Any person can then switch lanes and pass me up and move on to their next destination with little delay. But it turns out that the person on the other side of the aisle either doesn't drive on public roads or is an awful driver as their grocery cart is impeding progress for everyone else. They either tend to block the entire aisle or they are driving down the wrong side of the aisle, in either case, they would be the recipient of two sets of stink eyes (4 stink eyes). I usually like to bump their grocery cart, with the hopes their cart will spin off the aisle and slam into the shelves and knocking all the cans over, but I am end up saying "Sorry" and proceed with the stink eye.

In other news, the baby is getting bigger and more active. My biggest concern is when the baby is actually born and the dog grabs the baby in the middle of the night and buries it in the backyard. My dog lacks what most people would call a brain. I think his head is filled with skittles and tootsie roll pops. The wifey and I have been looking at gates to keep the dog away but we've come to the realization that nothing will stop Skittles Brain.

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