Monday, January 11, 2010

Karate Kid

Sometimes when I am at Wal-Mart, I like to walk away from my grocery cart and hope that someone tries to take off with it. My intention is to have a reason to do a flying karate kick into somebody's chest. I would chase down the thief, yell "hey", and then proceed to soar in the air with my flying karate kick. I don't know how accurate or the range of my flying karate kick but I am pretty sure it is lethal. I once kicked a wooden fence and it broke in half.

I went to the first baby class this past week. It wasn't so bad. It was funny to see the other men in the class and see the terror in their faces. Even some of the women had terror in their faces. Maybe I'm not worried because I have the utmost confidence in what the wife knows about babies. I'm pretty much an expert on everything in life but when it comes to babies; I will hand that over to her. And if the kid ends up growing up as a brat, I will not hesitate to unleash the flying karate kick.


  1. This is a most excellent idea. I imagine its easier to do a flying kick on a kid than a cat.

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