Wednesday, January 13, 2010


So there is this awesome controversy brewing in the great city of Mesquite:

Now, I am going to stand behind the school and their decision just to prevent any hippie revival, but I do have to say that this kid's hair is not that long. When I first read the story with no pictures, I assumed the kid's hair was so long that other kids were swinging on his hair like Rumpelstiltskin. But no, this kid has normal college dude-bro shaggy hair. I never had long hair and when I was his age, I made fun of boys with long hair by calling them a girl. So if this kid is up to ridicule from his classmates, then more power to him. I remember one day when I went to school at his age and wore my Ninja Turtles shirt inside out, I was ridiculed. In fact, my wife still ridicules me when I wear my shirts inside out.

In other news, we had the baby's nursery furniture delivered today (thanks mom-in-law). And the baby's furniture is officially more expensive than every piece of furniture I have owned when I wasn't married, combined. Granted, I used a hand-me-down bunk bed from age 3-16, then upgraded to my sister's hand-me-down daybed from 16-18, and purchased my next bed, a futon from Wal-Mart, for my college year(s). But I don't care. Although the baby will be sleeping in a bed that's more expensive than mine, it will still be sleeping in it's own crap.

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  1. Why not put their son in a school that allows long hair?