Thursday, April 1, 2010

Boys Rule, Girls Drool

The Wifey and I took the Baby to a portrait studio to take some newborn pictures. I really don't see the benefit of actually going to the studio; the camera on my phone has pretty high resolution and I probably have a better photographic eye than some of the workers. Who knows, maybe there are some hidden gem photographers earning their keep at a mid-level department store; even Michelangelo started off as an apprentice. But as the Wifey and I thumbed through the "portfolio" we came across some lame ass pictures, no offense if you love lame assness, but there were some really stupid pictures. They had a dad flexing his bicep and the baby resting on the bicep muscle. And one picture of all the boys in the family and in old English lettering, "Boys Rule, Girls Drool". So rather than actually pay for our prints (we were given a great coupon from an awesome friend) we decided to use the Snipping Tool in Windows Vista and grab my favorite photo:

She's actually jamming out to some music in her headphones, hence the weird pose. It wasn't a bad experience at the studio. We just didn't like that the photographer was forcing poses on a newborn. I guess we've been spoiled by the talent of Carissa Byers but beggars can't be choosers and we'll probably be back for some super cheesy portrait studio Christmas pictures.

But back to the baby. I get a lot of "your baby is so beautiful" and "the most beautiful baby ever" but not to be a Debbie Downer, it's just that newborns are like Asians: they all look alike. Of course there are the really ugly babies that do stand out (just like ugly Asians i.e, Yao Ming) but for the most part, all the cute ones look exactly the same for the first week. Now I know my child is absolutely adorable because she gets her looks from her mother and I do love the compliments but to me I just can't differentiate between new babies.

The baby is doing well and she is staying awake longer and being more alert every day. I can't wait to get home and just hold her and I may or may not bump into the crib to wake the baby up a little early. The pooping is getting out of control as Mount Dirty Pampers is piling up in the trashcan but if that's my only issue with the kid, then I am pretty happy.


  1. I understand how you feel about photography but if you took her to an actual privately owned portrait studio and not some department store kiosk/closet then you would get a professional photographer, trained and schooled, who owns their own business/equipment and knows and understands the relationship and difference between f-stops and ISO's when shooting. If a minimum wage, hourly, company drone is shooting your photos, the quality will probably be marginal at best.

    You are spending the money, if you don't like the forced pose or portfolio, speak up, if you can't/won't, bring your mother-in-law.


    p.s. Love the blog. I hope you don't mind my comments.

  2. I love the daddy perspective. And for the record, she actually is pretty cute when it comes to newborns.