Monday, April 12, 2010

Feast like Royalty

I won't try and give out too much advice just because I am pretty new to this fatherhood thing and I just want to relay my experiences but here is something that I do feel that new dads need to recognize.

New moms have to adjust to a new, crazy schedule as soon as the baby is born. They are literally connected at the hip with the newborn. Especially for the mothers that choose to breastfeed. Newborns eat on average every two hours. And if they don't eat, catastrophe happens. It's as if the mom is stuck in the Hatch on Lost and they have to enter the numbers every 108 minutes or the island blows up. If the baby doesn't eat every 108 minutes, the baby blows up. So my advice is simple: keep mom happy and be patient and if she wants to get out of the house, then let her.

The Baby had a pretty busy weekend. She experienced her very first baseball game on Friday night and was the main reason the Rangers made their comeback. The Rangers even dedicated fireworks to her after the game. She then spent Saturday with her mother as they went shopping, to lunch, and got their nails done as I was spending my day in class for nine hours. On Sunday, we made a trip to Grapevine for some MiMi's Diner and some outlet shopping before my soccer game. We then ventured to Grand Prairie to check out her Uncle's new house and hang out with her cousin, who is only 3 months older. Here is a picture of them of just hanging out like typical girls:

Apparently Justin Bieber snubbed them.

Now, I know a lot of people freak out that we are taking the Baby out everywhere we go. Especially with the remnants of flu season still lingering but the Wifey and I aren't worried. The Baby is getting exposed to a lot of noise but is limiting her interaction with strangers. She gets the "look but don't touch" treatment. And besides, all the Baby ever does is sleep so she's not any fun. She seems to be staying awake just a little bit longer every day and she is becoming more and more aware of her surroundings. She has become an expert at staring at ceiling fans and into space. She just gazes at the ceiling fan as if she had the same one inside the womb.

The Wifey is still nursing the Baby and I am growing a little more impatient. I know it's bonding time between them but I feel helpless when the Baby is crying and I can't calm her down because all the Baby wants is food. I have to wait for the Wifey to pop out her milk bags so the Baby can feast like royalty. We are going to wait until the Baby is just a little bit older before we introduce any bottles so I get the luxury of playing XBox while the feeding sessions happen. I guess I should enjoy it while it lasts.

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