Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Whipped Cream

The Baby had her 2 week doctor's appointment. Our pediatrician is Dr. Hubbard and apparently she was voted as Dallas' best pediatrician. She has her own radio show on Sundays where she answers baby questions for her listeners. Kinda like Howard Stern, minus the vulgarities and actually informational.

The Baby's lowest weight was 6lbs 1 oz when she left the hospital. Babies typically will lose a few ounces as they adjust to being fed by the nipple. The goal for two weeks is to get the baby back to birth weight and maybe a little more. I am proud to say that the Baby weighed in at 7lbs 8 oz. The doctor was thoroughly impressed and even commented that Wifey had whipped cream as breast milk. Now that I think about it, that's a pretty disgusting comment. The middle of the night feasting sessions have proven to show progress, despite the fact that Wifey cries every time she breast feeds in anticipation of the pain. We could go with formula but that's too expensive for my wallet. Good job on taking one for the team, Wifey!

Shrek has been a lot better with the Baby. At first I was worried that Shrek was devising a plan to snatch the baby from the crib and bury her in the backyard. Or Shrek would pull a "Lady and the Tramp" and run away after I kick him for messing with the Baby. Shrek still likes to sniff the Baby but for the most part he just looks at the Baby. It's a little creepy but we can tell he is being protective. Or he has a very long, elaborate plan to win our trust and strike when we let our guard down, like in The Count of Monte Cristo.

I would have to say that these past two weeks have gone by fairly quickly. And it has been pretty easy. The Baby cries and its usually because she is hungry. And if she isn't hungry, she just needs to be swayed or rocked. I know it's going to get harder but right now I am enjoying the quiet poop factory.

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  1. Love the blog update:) Tell Wifey to stick to it and I swear it'll get better and easier---takes a few weeks of pain though:) It's sooooo worth it on many levels and especially now that I am buying formula...very expensive!