Monday, April 5, 2010

Rockabye Baby

Easter was a fairly nice success. Nothing exciting happened with the Baby. She is becoming more alert and staying awake longer during the day. She loves looking at the ceiling fan but because she is barely 2 weeks old, I highly doubt she can actually see the fan. So I really don't know what she is looking at, but if it's in the general vicinity of a ceiling fan, it has her full attention.

We got a great gift of personalized burp clothes from our friend Kelly from Moonbeam Baby ( which I assume is a local company. The Wifey and I also found a cool little CD at the baby store the other day... COLDPLAY for BABIES!

It's from, they also have Journey for babies. Steve Perry would be most delighted. But the Coldplay CD is instrumental and all the instruments are replaced with xylophones and stuff so it's easy listening. We put the CD on in the car and the Baby calmed down and fell asleep. I can't guarantee that the CD did the trick or it was just the motion of the car, but the combination together was very successful.

The Wifey and the Grandmother took her to NorthPark to see the Easter bunny on Friday. Since NorthPark is above hiring someone to wear an Easter bunny outfit, the next best thing is to have real Easter bunnies!

As you can see the bunnies were more than likely Zombie Bunnies, as they feasted on the Baby's brain. Here is a picture of the Baby brainless:

The Baby, for the most part, has been sleeping through the night, with the occasional late night snack and that has been pretty nice. But on Saturday night she wanted to stay awake all night long. She had been sleeping all day and The Wifey said she was probably going through a growth spurt, hence the extended naps, but little did we know that the Baby was going to test our patience. I don't know if she cried but I know the Wifey cried because of sleep deprivation. I probably didn't hear the baby over my snoring. But at 4AM the Wifey finally gave up and enlisted professional help getting the Baby to sleep: my help. I walked the house, I swayed from side to side, I sat in both rocking chairs, I turned the lights off and on, I put on some Celine Dion, and finally I just let her stare. She stared at my face, past my face, above my face, below my face. She just laid her ear to my chest and was just content. And I just thought about this little thing with her thoughts and senses and how everything is probably so crazy to her yet her world is still so small. She just took in the world at 4AM, in a dim nursery with some crazy French lady singing sleepy songs. And then I thought about how much I love this bag of bones and I barely know her. I would like to think she is cognizant of my Barry White-esque voice and my smooth soft skin but she is still absorbing the world around her. The Baby finally closed her eyes during the Law & Order marathon on TNT; case closed on her all-nighter.


  1. I'm so glad you got to bond with that cute little bag-of-bones:)

  2. Oh, and I'd like to meet this awesome "Kelly" you speak of:)