Saturday, July 31, 2010

Baby Sleeping in a Lunch Bag

Today has been a hard day for the Baby, she hasn't really napped all day because she was too busy showing off her cuteness at a baby shower for one of the Wifey's sorority sister. The Baby has been doing this weird thing where her eyes water up and she her raises voice to almost a shrill. WebMD says it's something called "crying" but we don't know if that is it because we've never heard her really do it before. But today she has been "crying" nonstop for about 10 minutes and then she forgets what she was crying about and starts smiling and playing again. But then she will start having another meltdown. The Baby may have started teething because we can usually differentiate from her hungry, tired, and pain cries. And it sounds more like her pain cries. Hopefully some baby Tylenol will ease the pain, we tried some Baby Orajel and it seemed to calm her down for a bit. At the moment she is in her crib just blabbering away; maybe she is happy to finally be home in her own bed. Or maybe the medicine has finally kicked in. But if the medicine doesn't work, I bought a nice bottle of Jack Daniel's to open for the occasion. I think I read about it one of my baby books.

Tuesday the Baby is going to get her eye unclogged. Like I have said earlier, her right eye is a mucusy mess every morning she wakes up, so we hope it works. The doctor mailed us some information on the procedure itself. It was a little scary to read because the doctor preferred not to have the parents in the same room during the procedure for fear of distraction. What if the doctor is really a witch who lives in a gingerbread house and she's tossing babies into her oven or her black cauldron that she stirs with a broomstick? I just hope our insurance covers it.

I came across this blog the other day and it's this incredibly talented mother who takes pictures of her daughter sleeping but she creates scenery with regular household objects. And it is absolutely stunning. I tried doing the same thing with the Baby once but all I could come up with was an empty bag of Cheetos and a ham sandwich. I called it "Baby Sleeping in a Lunch Bag" but it definitely wasn't as beautiful as Ms. Adele Enerson's photos. So I suggest looking at her "maternity leave hobby" and here's a YouTube video of her work.

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