Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Willy Wonka

Alright, so the Baby officially turned 4 months on Friday and we treated her to a nice family lunch and a movie. We all went and saw the first IMAX showing of Inception on Friday. I was a little hesitant to bring the Baby along just because she's getting older and louder. She's not much a crier in public but she now she likes to talk to herself and change the inflection in her voice. Or she really likes to breathe in really hard as if she was gasping for breath, it's some new thing she started doing. But anyways, I felt her new habits could be a problem. As we walked up to the theater, everybody was giving us the stink eye as they saw us carry this baby into the theater. Granted, the only people who were there at a movie at 945AM on a Friday morning were either the retired or unemployed and I sensed they were mentally preparing themselves to roll their eyes and "shhh" if this baby were to start crying. We picked the seats that were the most isolated in the back of the theater and nearest to the exit, just in case the Baby wanted to meltdown. The Wifey fed the Baby during the previews and then had her curled up in her sling by the time the opening credits rolled up. And the Baby slept. All the way through. No whimper or talking, she slept. She slept through the crystal clear, digital audio of the IMAX theater without any problems. At one point, I had to make sure the Baby was still breathing. A little morbid but the Baby didn't make one sound; I was genuinely worried. We really didn't have to risk the stink eyes but I was being a geek and a snob and wanted to witness this movie in IMAX. But for all you parents who want to catch a movie but not get a babysitter, the Angelika offers a "Crybaby Matinee" where you can bring your kids to the show. The Angelika even keeps the lights dim so if you need to feed the kid you can and even adjust the volume, just i n case your kid wants to sleep. That was the biggest problem with watching Inception in IMAX, the sound was just too loud for the Baby's ears. It's every Saturday and Thursday. I doubt the Angelika will have any awesome action flicks but more of the artsy films. At least the Angelika serves beer.

After the movie and a quick lunch, we had another surprise for the Baby: her 4 month shots! And boy was the Baby elated to get those syringes stabbed into her little chunky thighs. We don't get to see the Baby have a meltdown too often but giving her shots usually does it. She had these high pitched shrills where she cried for so long and so loud that she went silent and her face turned purple like Violet did when she chewed the gum at Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. Her toes even curled and her little feet turned white. The Wifey and I were a little worried she would be in a pissed off mood for the next couple of days. The last time she received her shots at two months she was still grouchy the next day. Luckily the Baby was her normal self with 30 minutes.

The Doctor said the Baby was doing well. She is achieving all her motor skills landmarks and is developing nicely. She measured 24 inches and weighed in at 12lbs 10oz. The Wifey and I were a little worried she was underweight since she is still wearing newborn clothes but the Doctor said as long as the Baby is gaining a pound a month for now, she is fine. We will be getting the Baby's tear duct de-clogged here pretty soon.We wanted to make sure the Baby wasn't going to be knocked out for the procedure but the Doctor assured us it was a quick operation. She said that they usually just line up all the babies with the clogged tear ducts and go down the line unclogging each baby like an assembly line with a little needle. That will mean no crusty eye for the Baby when she wakes up.

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  1. The Angelika actually showed Bruno for the Crybaby Matinee when Parker was a baby. I just couldn't bring myself to take him to that one though...