Tuesday, July 6, 2010

An Apology to France

This blog's sole intention was just for my friends and family to keep up with the life of the Baby and read humorous stories about myself dealing with my daughter and the Wifey. I feel that my experiences are no different from anyone else except that I am writing mine down. I hope the internet is still around when the Baby grows up and she reads what went on with our lives. Anyways, I wrote last week about our experience at Jacadi in NorthPark Center in Dallas, Texas. In case you missed it, it was the post on 6/24, "Stroller Races." Basically I wrote how the sales staff were insistent that the Baby would not fit into a 0-3Months clothing based on their size chart. That upset myself as a parent and I angrily typed out my feelings in the blog. I verbally attacked the sales staff and even threw France under the bus. So this afternoon I received an email from Jacadi's press relations manager, who I assume is based in France, according to her email address:

Dear Jackson,

We were so disappointed to read that you had a negative experience at
Jacadi in NorthPark Center as Jacadi prides itself on offering exceptional
customer service.

We've addressed the issue with the sales staff so that incidents like this
can be avoided in the future.
As a small token of our appreciation for shopping at Jacadi, we'd like to
send you a gift.
Would you be so kind as to provide your full contact information and
mailing address?

Please don't hesitate to contact me if I can be of further assistance and
again, please accept our sincerest apologies.

I was initially shocked that anyone outside of Garland, Texas was reading this blog, much less out of this country. I found it to be very professional and extremely indicative of the typical customer service that we are accustomed to receiving when we do window shop at Jacadi. I shouldn't have been so harsh to the store and to a country that is the home of Zinedine Zidane; thus I am extending an apology to Jacadi and to France. The personal boycott of Jacadi has been lifted and my thousands of dedicated readers and followers, you may now start shopping at Jacadi again.

In other news, yesterday, the Wifey and I were shopping when she had to stop and feed the Baby. Now, I don't mind if she pulls out the milk gun in public to feed the Baby, I just prefer if she does it in the Nursing room. Basically so I can sit on the comfy couches they have in there. Anyways, we went to one nursing room and there was already someone in there. So we patiently waited. And as the couple emerged from the room, we noticed the kid had a milk bottle. Maybe times have changed with Obama in office and it is socially acceptable to breastfeed your child in public and "bottle feeders" must be banished to the nursing room. The nursing room is for mothers to feed their children with their breasts, not so the kid can drink out of a Playtex bottle.


  1. How funny that they sent you an email! And I'm right there with you on that nursing room being for non-bottle babies. How dumb.

  2. Hey, do you mind providing that email address to the customer relations at Jacadi. I had a terrible experience at the Boston store. Thanks.

    Joe jo2er@aol.com