Monday, July 12, 2010

Baby Meltdown

I came across this show on VH1, home to a such riveting series as Flava Flav's Flavor of Love, called Dad Camp. Basically the premise of the show is about dude-bros who have pregnant girlfriends and they are taught to respect them and love them and appreciate their future child. I think the producers might be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize with this concept. I don't understand how you even get picked for the show. Were these guys reading the classified ads and came across a WANTED ad for dead beat dads? Or did they have a friend who heard about the casting call and immediately beeped them about it? And what about the dude-bros who didn't make the cut? What do you tell those guys? "You're a deadbeat but this guy over here is an even bigger deadbeat! Look at his graphic tee and he has a tattoo on his knuckles!" I don't understand society. I really don't.

The Baby is fast approaching 16 weeks and she keeps on surprising us with something new each and every day. The Baby has this thing where every morning she will talk for a good 30 minutes then fall back asleep. And before bed, she will go on a little soliloquy just blabbering and gossiping until we put her to bed. The other night the Wifey went out with her girlfriends so it was just me and the Baby. She follows a pretty tight schedule where she can go about three hours before she needs to eat. Well, apparently I waited until about 3 hours and one minute before I started feeding her and this Baby flipped her wig. I couldn't console her, I stuck her up near her light and she was too busy crying to even notice. She got to the point where she was whimpering before she finally took the bottle. I've never had the Baby cry that loud for that long. Granted, she cried for about five minutes but it seemed like an eternity. I just need to make sure I have that bottle ready for her.

One of the other "new things" the Baby is doing, is laughing, like LOL laughing. And it's awesome. The Wifey and I spend a good amount of our day yelling at the dog to drop things or telling him no, so we figured it was something the Baby was used to hearing. Well, the other night, the Dog had something he wasn't supposed to have and I yelled at him to drop it and the Baby just started laughing. She found it to be the funniest thing ever. So we recorded it on video. The Wifey and I also had a fear that the Baby wouldn't get along with the Dog or be terrified of it. As we were sitting outside one day, for some odd reason, the Baby realized that there was a funny looking thing running around acting crazy. And she loved it. It's like she had never noticed this furry little hyper monster licking her face and sniffing up until that point. So below are the two videos of the Baby laughing, the videos also show me in my fashionable dragon boxers, but it was Sunday and laundry day, so don't mind my attire. Just make sure you have your volume up and you are ready to be overwhelmed with cuteness.


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