Sunday, May 30, 2010

Baby Man Dude

The Baby got her 2 month immunization shots the other day and this was the first time we met cranky Baby. Now, she wasn't crying nonstop or inconsolable, she just wasn't her normal happy self. Every time you touched her leg she would start frowning and fussing. She would smile but it wasn't her typical heart melting smile. She also slept a lot but that isn't out of the ordinary. Every single morning she wakes up she will have a huge smile. But the morning after she got her shot, she was being a whiny brat. Luckily this morning she was smiling as soon as she woke up and today has been a good day.

The doctor visit went well. She is 10lbs 10oz. She is almost double her size when she was born but apparently she is still tiny to everyone else. As we were getting on the elevator a woman tried to guess her age and thought she was a week old. A week old?! Then I took a gander at the baby Woolly Mammoth she was lugging around in her car seat. Her kid looked like a 45 year old man but he was probably 2 months old. I felt bad that she had to carry him around. I also felt really bad that a little baby-man-dude got trucked out of her vagina.

We finally made the transition of getting the Baby to sleep in her room. The Baby originally slept in a bassinet next to our bed but because she was already sleeping 6-8 hours a night, we really didn't have a problem with kicking her out of the room. We had received a really nice baby monitor set from the Wifey's little brother but unfortunately Safety 1st makes a crappy ass product. The set had a little video camera and a tv so we could creep the Baby in her sleep. But the monitor would get the static screen and it was nearly impossible to see anything through the jumping black and white lines. Growing up, I had gotten really good at watching HBO through the scrambled lines. But without sound, it was hard to see what was going on in the Baby's room. The Baby slept fine through the night in her room. But I was constantly waking myself up and checking up on the Baby if I couldn't see her on the screen. My biggest fear is the Baby rolling over and getting stuck in between the crib rails. The Wifey assures me that such a scenario can't happen but I'd rather be safe than sorry at the expense of my sleep.

The Baby has been sleeping in her crib for a week now and I didn't want to do the whole TV show cliche screen shot of the parents just standing over the crib as the baby sleeps. But I can't help it. I love this baby. I love what she has done to me. She makes my heart hurt as she just lies there dreaming her baby dreams. But she will probably give me a heart attack too when I teach her how to drive.

The Baby's 5 week photoshoot:

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