Monday, May 17, 2010

Adventures of Spiderman

Last week the Wifey and I had our very first date night sans Baby. Usually it's a big ordeal for a lot of parents as madness and stress usually ensues. There is the panic to make sure the baby bag is properly stocked. Is there enough food for the baby? Are there enough diapers? Here is the phone number for where we will be just in case there is no cell phone reception. In case the phone is busy, here is a walkie-talkie so we can stay in contact. If the walkie-talkies don't work, here is a flare.

But luckily for us, the Baby has an awesome grandmother and there weren't any worries whatsoever. The Baby usually sleeps; actually, the Baby always sleeps. And with the exception of the hunger pangs, the Baby hardly ever cries. The Wifey and I actually enjoyed ourselves as we dined on some yummy pizza from Fireside Pies and enjoyed some live Conan O'Brien action. I thought we would both be constantly checking our phones just in case we didn't feel the vibration. It was a nice feeling knowing it was just 'us' for the evening but we both missed the Baby. On the drive home, I would check in my rear view to peek into the other mirror that faces the baby car seat. And I just saw emptiness. It was sad. I can usually glance in my mirror and see a sleeping baby or two big eyes just looking around in amazement. It was weird not seeing the Wifey lug the baby bag around and myself getting frustrated trying to scavenger through all the crap that's in the bag just to get to something that was "in the outside pocket" even though there are 15 pockets on the outside. Other than that, it was a great first date night.

My dad also got to come in this past weekend for my college graduation and that was really nice. He spoke a lot of Vietnamese to the Baby as if she understood it. Oddly enough, I think it was just as Greek to her as any other language. But she enjoyed his company. Sometimes I wish he lived closer (he lives in Florida) just so he can instill some grandfatherly wisdom into the Baby. But then I remembered the stories my dad would tell and how completely unbelievable they were. He just has a vast collection of 'big fish' stories and combined with his limited English, makes for a very interesting granddad. For example, according to my father, he used to be a super secret spy for the US Army during the Vietnam War but because his English is spotty, he called himself "Spy-der Man". That could be detrimental to the Baby when she grows up. She will have to prove to her friends that her granddad is Spiderman and not some old Asian guy with bad English and crazy stories. Now that I think about it, that actually sounds like a pretty cool grandfather.

Anyways, here are pictures! These are actually a few of the pictures, taken without permission from Carissa Byers:

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