Saturday, May 1, 2010


All apologies for the lack of updating. Apparently my fan base is growing and I must keep the readers happy.

This blog is really meant for the Baby to read when she gets older so she can be reminded not to have sex and want babies until she graduates high school. So I figured it would be a good time to start embarrassing her now.

Man, this baby can fart with the best of them. She is the most gassiest baby alive. You would think a little cute baby would have cute little toots but nope, she makes her diapers vibrate when she farts. And afterward, she has the nerve to smile. A big toothless grin from ear to ear. It's actually quite endearing. She also likes to burp too. I can feel it from her diaphragm. She lets out a mighty YAWP after she is done feeding. Then she likes to smile again. I'm actually quite impressed. The Baby is already looking a pubescent 14 year old girl with her acne. The Wifey calls it "baby acne" but I call it 7th grade. Supposedly it's all about her hormones and it causes her to break out. But we all know eating too much chocolate causes pimples. At least that was my excuse growing up.

I have never been one to brag about my baby just because so many different kids are at different stages in development. I really didn't want to offend anyone if my kid starts doing cool things while other parents' kids do boring, stupid stuff like lie around and look at things. But I am excited about the fact that when we go to bed, we swaddle the Baby and she goes to sleep by herself. And then she will sleep for the night. Probably about 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep. She doesn't fuss, she just goes to sleep. Granted, it probably won't last and before I know it, she will be sneaking out her window to go makeout with boys in the driveway like her mom did when she was younger. But for now, she sleeps.

And now...PICTURES!!!!

Dog Vs. Baby

Just celebrating 4/20! Earth Day that is...

Baby Posh Spice

The cousins...without the screaming and tears:


  1. Miss Evelyn is going to be one resilient little girl...

  2. Why does it look like Evelyn is about to bitch slap her cousin? Training her early?

  3. Tiffany that is exactly what Jackson said! Notice the fist ready as well, I guess we have a spicy little girl :)