Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dude, chinaman is not the preferred nomenclature.

So I got a little heat because I didn't write a special Mother's Day Tribute blog post for the Wifey and some people were expecting to read one. I'm sorry. In fact, Mother's Day wasn't really celebrated. We just did our thing. The Baby and I took her to brunch at Breadwinners and then we did some shopping. Nothing special. Nothing spectacular. Sure there were a lot of good intentions and grandiose ideas for the "first" Mother's Day but nothing came to fruition.

Maybe I could have written something sweet and nice for the Wifey for all the effort and love she has put into her new role as being a mother. She could easily give the Baby formula and let me bottle feed her through the night but she knows what is best for a baby. She wakes up in the middle of the night and goes to work and then goes right back to bed. She probably feeds the Baby in a zombie-like state. I don't think the Wifey even remembers what a really good night of sleep feels like. Maybe I could have written about how every morning I wake up, I no longer see a hot little blue eyed girl giggling at America's Funniest Home Videos; but a beautiful, mature, blue-eyed mother giggling at America's Funniest Home Videos. I could have mentioned how delicate her touch is, the way she handles the Baby, how her voice and smile soothes both the Baby and myself. I've mentioned before how I have zero worries about the quality of care that the Baby is experiencing because I know the Baby is in excellent hands. I would probably never ask the Wifey for advice about cooking, or cleaning, or fashion, but I have absolutely no qualms when it comes to this baby. If there was an NFL-esque draft for new babies, I am 100% confident that the Wifey would be picked #1 overall. And she would actually be successful, unlike JaMarcus Russell. The Wifey would be like Peyton Manning. If there was anyone in this world who was born to being a mother, it would be the Wifey. But I didn't do any of that for Mother's Day, and I apologize.

Another thing that people have asked me about is why I use the names "The Wifey" and "the Baby". Honestly, I wanted to keep it as impersonal as possible. I wanted to allow for people to read this blog and be able to put themselves in my shoes and relate. But it's only appropriate that I deviate from my standard nomenclature for certain occasions:

To say you are the backbone, the foundation, the rock of this family is a gross understatement. I hope Evelyn will realize the love and devotion you inject into this family and I want you to know how much we truly and deeply appreciate everything you have done so far.

I love you Cassidy Nicole.

picture courtesy of Carissa Byers

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  1. Very sweet:) And yes, I was wondering where the Mother's Day tribute was so well done:)