Thursday, June 10, 2010

I like to make the Baby cry. Actually, I like to see the Baby frown. Babies in general have such defined facial expressions, it makes them easy to read. Their bottom lip puffs out and their eyes become sad. It's awesome. But then again, I love it more to see the Baby smile. She is starting to develop a laugh which just makes my heart melt. Right now she is squealing when she is super excited and the only time she gets excited is when she sees her ceiling fan. One of these days I will post a video of how truly excited she gets. It's as if Justin Bieber was dressed as Santa Claus carrying the newest Twilight novel in a Jimmy Choo purse. It's that super exciting for her to see her true best friend.

In other news, the Wifey is finally heading back to work next week. I know it's going to be hard for her as the Baby and I are going to bond like no other. These past 12 weeks have been great and I thought the Wifey and I would kill each other since we were hanging out so much but it's been pleasant. We both worried if a kid would ruin the dynamics of our relationship but the Baby has really made it stronger. It also helps that the Baby sleeps for 10 hours at night and she is so damn cute.


  1. What the heck is on her mouth!!!!

  2. Jackson fed her blueberries when I wasn't looking.

    :) We have thrush and so one of the treatments is gentitian violet which pretty much stains your skin like iodine, so sadly I had to ruin my babies face for a few days when I fed her. Lucikly it is worth it.