Thursday, June 24, 2010

Stroller Races

I am finally back from my writing hiatus. I was out of town for some work stuff last week and didn't get a chance to update.

I guess it's cliche to say but babies really do grow up before your very own eyes. When I left on Monday morning, the Baby was her typical small baby self but then when I returned on Thursday, it looked like she had doubled in size. And she was also doing some new things she hadn't done before. Now she is talking up a storm, blabbering about something and currently she is infatuated with her hands. I swear she sucks on her fingers like they are little bread sticks. She even gags herself because she shoves her fingers so far down her throat. I guess she really wants to stay in size 1 diapers.

Speaking of staying baby size, I will recommend not shopping at Jacadi in NorthPark Center in Dallas, Texas. Jacadi is French for 'argumentative bitches'. I should have known. We were in the store looking at clearance clothing because I can't justify $40 for a baby's dress that costs the same as my jeans. My jeans are probably 100 times the amount of fabric in that little dress. So we found a cute dress that was reasonably priced but it was a 0-3 month size. The Baby is now starting to fit in that size range but she still wears a lot of her newborn clothes. Well the sales ladies or the Jacadis felt that 0-3Months was going to be much too small for the Baby. We politely said that 0-3Months was a perfect size. Well Jacadi #1 continued to argue with us that we were wrong. Jacadi #2 crawled out from the bowels of Hell from behind the register with a chart and a notebook. She snarled, "How much does your baby weigh?" We told her a little over 10lbs and she proceeded to matter of factly present this size chart and said "your baby should be wearing larger than 0-3Months." I am sorry but we dress our child every morning and sometimes every afternoon depending how bad her spit-up is. We know what size the Baby wears. I apologize that my child does not conform to your size charts and it makes your job not as easy, but please don't argue with a parent about the size their baby wears. In fact, this morning I put on a cute little outfit that fits perfectly and it is a newborn's size. Stupid French baby clothing stores. That's why your country isn't in the World Cup anymore.

The Wifey officially went back to work this week. Luckily the Wifey has a cool brother who is willing to watch the Baby (as the grandmother lurks over his shoulder) while we are at work. But every morning I will wake up the Baby from her golden slumber and get her ready and have our morning conversation before I take her over to the Grandmother's house. I think the Wifey is jealous because I get to spend more time with the Baby. I am going to be the cool dad that brings his daughter to all the stay at home mom (SAHM) functions like the stroller races before the mall opens and going to story time at the library. Maybe I can change it up and have baby play dates at Buffalo Wild Wings so I don't miss any World Cup action. But being the awesome husband that I am, I make sure I take a picture of the Baby every morning and send it to the Wifey so she gets to see the Baby wake up every morning. And I will throw in some other pictures from the BlackBerry as well. I would also like to point out that the Baby has a clogged tear duct so that is why her left eye looks so jacked up. Hopefully it can clear out, if not, the Baby is going under the knife. And as of yesterday, the Baby turned 3 months.





This picture is funny because her shirt says "PRO HAZING" and she has a band-aid on her leg. The back of the shirt said "Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves". It's a thing my dorm did back at A&M. Just keeping tradition alive.


  1. She is so pretty! Our SAHM group is having World Cup watching "play dates" so I'll let you know if we need to add a dad to the mix:)

  2. She's beautiful Jackson! I love that you are so in love. It makes me smile!