Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Light

Little bit of a personal rant but lately I have been noticing more and more of two things, 3D and Legos. It seems like every movie that is coming out this summer is in 3D. Step It Up, a dance movie, is in 3D. Don't get me wrong, I love watching movies in 3D but now it's getting silly. I really don't care to see someone do the worm in 3D. Actually on second thought, that would be kind of cool to watch. I hope they start converting old movies into 3D, I am pretty confident that Driving Miss Daisy in 3D would be mind blowing. It also seems that Legos is creating a video game of everything. There was Star Wars Legos which was pretty cool and entertaining but then came Indiana Jones Legos and now Harry Potter Legos. It will only be a matter of time until there is a Twilight Legos in 3D.

For anyone who has had the privilege to come check out the Baby at the house, we tend to show everyone the Baby's best friend... a ceiling light. Sounds somewhat odd but the Baby is absolutely enamored by the light that is in the transitional hallway between my office, the foyer, and the great room. We have to make sure she talks with her best friend at least once a day and she becomes a little giggle monster. She also loves to gossip and chat away. As soon as she sees the Light, her face lights up like she just struck oil. But a good oil strike, like Beverly Hillbillies oil, not like striking oil like BP in the Gulf. I know I've mentioned if before, but it's as if Justin Bieber's spirit lives in this ceiling light. The best way for me to describe it is through the wonderful magic of moving pictures.

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  1. That light is quite amazing. How cute that she really does love it--what a smile:)