Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Belated 5 Month Update

Not to jinx ourselves, but we think the Baby's clogged tear duct has finally cleared itself out. For awhile after the procedure, her eye would just crust up and the Baby would wake up with one eye open. It was pretty creepy. Hopefully it stays cleared out, otherwise the ophthalmologist will have to implant some tubes in her tear ducts.

The Baby turned 5 months not too long ago and not a lot has changed with her. She is flip flopping around like a fish out of water and she has actually gotten pretty good at moving around to get closer to objects just be scooting around on her back. She is also holding herself up with her arms and she now sleeps on her side. I walked into her room one night and she was sleeping on her stomach with her face smooshed into the mattress, so I flipped her over. The Wifey says she will be fine, she will know when to turn over if she starts asphyxiating. I'd rather not take the chance. We also haven't introduced solids yet to the Baby but she is definitely interested in them. We are going to wait until the Baby can sit up her own first. Personally, I don't mind, because once you introduce solids, the shit becomes real. Literally. She has cute little breastmilk poops that aren't disgusting. But it's only a matter of time. As far as other developmental skills, the Baby has learned to take out her pacifier and put it back into her mouth and she even makes a game out of it. Anyways, here are some more pictures. These are just the ones I take every morning and send to the Wifey when she is at work... The pictures would be better, but the flash is pretty bright so she she always has a disgusted look when I take her picture.

This is the Baby peeking at us from her bassinet.


  1. She looks like a little doll! So beautiful:) And yes, the shit does become real.

  2. Aw she is looking so grown up! How cute! Its really funny to see the difference between a mom's blog like Michael's wife and a dad's blog like yours. Essentially the same development information but just in a different delivery. Very cool.

  3. YAY-so awesome that her tear duct has cleared up! That first picture of her peeking over the top of her bassinet is adorable and it reminds me of when I would try to be sneaky and peek in at Bella but she would already be looking at me...kind of creepy. She has always been two steps ahead of us!

    And, on the subject of poop...you will become a poopologist.