Friday, August 13, 2010

Tear Ducts

The unclogging of the tear duct has been unsuccessful. The ophthalmologist told us that the procedure was about 90% effective. The Baby apparently likes to be special and wanted to be apart of the 10%. The next step is implanting tubes into her tear ducts so they will properly drain. We're not in a hurry to get that procedure done.

As far as the Baby goes, she is rolling around like she is on fire. One second she is on her playmat, the next she is in the other room. She likes to be on her stomach and is holding herself up with her arms. She is almost sitting up by herself but she usually just falls to her toes so she can start sucking on them. She can almost sit up by herself which makes me absolutely jealous of the strength in her core. She must be doing P90X.

She is also trying to figure out how to put the pacifier in her mouth. She will take it out of her mouth and try to put it back in. It's just amazing to me to see how motor skills get developed. At first, she seemed like a drunkard trying to figure things but now she is sobering up. Her coordination is getting better, she is recognizing new objects, and she is reaching out to grab them and bring it to her mouth.

Anyways.. it's picture time!

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