Thursday, September 9, 2010

Rear View Mirror

I think we spend too much time focusing on the road ahead of us that we forget to appreciate what's in our rear view mirror. Maybe we're happy to be leaving someplace we despise or maybe we just want a little reminder on what we'll be coming back to, but the rear view mirror gets overlooked. This is the view in my rear view mirror:

That's the baby chilling in her rear facing car seat and she's just laughing and enjoying the scenery around her. Sometimes on our drives, she will just stare out the window and watch the world pass by; that's usually before she passes out. Other times she just joins the Wifey and I's conversation and just talks and talks.

I know it's tragic to hear about parents who truly, accidentally leave their child in the car. Most of the time these families have siblings and in all the chaos that comes with children, parents tend to forget the quiet ones. "Industry experts" suggest leaving something of importance in the car seat, like a cell phone so a parent will make sure to get their kid out of the car. Unfortunately, it makes sense. We get so caught up in our lives that we forget the things that aren't screaming for our attention. And the same goes for day cares. The care givers at a daycare are going to usually pay more attention to that child that is screaming their heads off. And the quiet ones, the ones that just mind their business and do their own thing, sometimes get overlooked. The Wifey would tell me how when she worked at a daycare that workers would forget to feed a child because the kid wasn't fussing at all and they were too busy tending to other children. Granted, she worked at a daycare in Denton, but still. And that's why we worry for the Baby. She keeps herself entertained. She doesn't need to be constantly held or entertained, she just does her own thing. And it can be frustrating. The Wifey and I will get into the car and if it's dark and I can't see the backseat in my rear view mirror, I always ask "we got the Baby right?" But I guess that's a small price to pay for a good child.

I went out and bought this from Babies R Us, an oversized mirror from Safe Fit:

It's an ugly, massive eye sore but it works. Most car mirrors have horizontal straps that wrap around the headrest, like its hugging it. That's an issue because the straps slide up and down and I can never see the Baby in the mirror. This one has vertical straps and just fits so much better. PLUS it has a built in light so I can actually see the Baby without turning on the dome light. Pretty gadgety but it works.

In other news, J'acadi sent an apology gift awhile back. It was a very nice gesture for our experience. We were sent a bottle of baby perfume that the Wifey is actually using but I don't think she wants anybody to know. At least she doesn't have to worry about someone else wearing her scent. The Baby also got a nice little stuffed animal.

Luckily the Baby is fitting into bigger clothes, so we can actually shop at J'acadi now and buy some of their adorable outfits.

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  1. I bought that mirror but I don't have the one with a light on it. Good to know its useful. I just felt weird about putting baby in the car and never seeing what she's doing.