Thursday, September 30, 2010

As Promised...

We finally introduced solids into the Baby's diet and she is slowly catching on. We're letting the Baby self-feed; basically we mash up the food and put it front of her and let her figure out how to shovel it into her mouth. It sounds barbaric and savage but it allows her to figure out how to use her fingers to eat and she knows when to stop. It also helps her get a sense of her gag reflex by self-feeding, otherwise if we piled everything on a spoon, she would just get used to a spoon down her throat and never really establish a gag reflex. Although that will make her everyone's favorite girlfriend when she grows up, it's not a trait I want her exposed to. We've only tried two things: avocados and bananas. The avocados she wasn't impressed with but she seemed to enjoy the taste of bananas.  The Baby is a pretty messy eater, so I take that as genetics.

Anyways, we have an appointment with the doctor pretty soon. Our pediatrician apparently was invited to a taping of the Oprah Winfrey show so we had to schedule the Baby's appointment accordingly. But I will have her stats so everyone can judge our Baby's development.

These next three videos are fun. They are appropriately named so it shouldn't be hard to figure out but just in case:

Fake sleeping: You can barely see the Baby's eyes are open but I am making movements with my hand to make her smile. She tries to contain them but she can't and she is exposed for the fraud she really is. Please forgive my cheesy use of video fades and title screens, I was using Windows Movie Maker and I was too lazy to edit that stuff out of AutoMovie.

Fake smile: So here in this clip she is actually waking up but she throws us a snarky ass fake smile just to appease us. I even think she rolls her eyes but who knows...

Waking up: This is the longest of the clips but it's the most fun. She is finally waking up and everyone can see how happy she is. So for all you expectant parents, this is going to be your new weekend routine: Grabbing the camera just to record your baby. It's nice to sleep in but it's also more fun to watch babies wake up. Initially the Baby is confused as to where she is at exactly but then she realizes that A) it's a new day and B) her parents are weirdos.


  1. "Pretty baby!" - Ethan

    We did self-feeding with him, too. I loved not stressing over how many jars he was going through because we never gave him purees. Now he will eat almost anything.

  2. your "waking up" video is AAAAAAMAzing! I love how genuinely happy Evelyn is when she wakes up, she is so CUTE! I hope we get to meet her and see you guys soon. :)